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Dick's September  Challenge

 The Assignment is "Shadows"
May 16, 2022 at 7pm at the Art Center


All images consist of light and shadows, but with the focus often being placed on the former, we often tend to forget about the importance of shadows. Shadows play an important part in images; they create contrast, reveal form and texture and allow us to convey mood and emotion. Challenge yourself to see photography in a different light and see what you can create for the theme of ‘Shadows’. This is your chance to get creative. You can use this challenge to really explore form, shape, texture and mood, whether you’re photographing people, products or even landscapes.

  Give us about 8 photos

As always NO post processing
Email up to eight [8] photos before May 16 , 2022 to
Jim Houle at

  Dick Coffman
  Jim Houle

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